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Once upon a time, back in the last century, watches served people in order to show the exact time, but in the era of new technologies, almost everyone has mobile phones and watches are used in most cases to emphasize their status, style and superiority. Moreover, expensive watches add a peculiar flavor, so to speak, a fashionable accessory, which is especially loved by managers and doctors. But if you have a different profession, this does not mean that they are not for you ūüôā

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Which hand to wear a watch on and who was the first to wear a watch?

Basically, the watch is worn on the hand, which is less involved. For example, if you are right-handed, it will be more convenient to wear on your left hand, and vice versa for left-handed people. According to statistics, there are about 30-40% of left-handers on the planet, and even now very few people attach importance to this, but in the old days they paid much attention to this, since they believed that left-handers served the devil. You should have seen that you have a watch on your right hand, and you are holding a fork in your left, everything is a fire! And if we delve deeper into history, it will be curious to know that it was women who first began to wear watches, using them as jewelry. And only after the First World War men began to use them as well, as pocket watches were rather inconvenient to use.

But there is another option, when the watch is worn on the “working” hand, so that the watch is always in sight. We said hello and the watch showed it right away! That it is not in vain that so much money was spent on them. True, this option is suitable if your work is not related to physical labor, otherwise only fragments may remain from an expensive watch.

Chinese scientists believe that women should wear a watch on their left hand and men on their right, otherwise it will affect the health of the watch wearer. But psychologists believe that the watch should be worn on the right hand, and by everyone, both men and women.

Fashionable women’s and men’s watches 2016

  • What’s fashionable for women?

2016 is the year of the monkey, and these young ladies love everything expensive and to shine. So it’s time for dear ladies to hide cheap watches away, you also need to forget about electronic ones. Nowadays, beautiful, sparkling watches that look glamorous on the wrist are in trend. Watches with pebbles are very fashionable this year, and men’s style watches continue to lead, as they allow a girl to look more fragile, playing in contrast. Classic watches remain in vogue as always. The classic models have round and rectangular dials with a leather strap.

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  • What’s fashionable for men?

The right watch can enhance a man’s status in society. So a men’s watch should match the wearer’s image. Since an inexpensive watch will not look good if a man is very expensively dressed and gets out of a good car, at the same time, if a simple employee in a cheap suit puts on an expensive watch, it will look ridiculous, and his expensive watch will be considered a copy ūüôā It is better to use natural materials , if you occupy a high position, then you can choose a watch with a gilded bezel.

Famous watch brands!

  • Japanese brands.

Seiko was the first brand to introduce quartz watches to the world. The Japanese holding produces both cheap models for 10-20 dollars and expensive ones for 10-30 thousand dollars.

In addition to quartz watches, Seiko also produces mechanical ones. Seiko series: silent series

Seiko Ananta, Seiko Criteria solar-powered quartz series, Seiko CS Sports line for active lifestyles, Astron innovative watch line, Seiko CS Dress series with a strict classic design, Seiko Grand Seiko very popular line, which has mechanical and quartz models, classic Seiko Premier Luxury Series, Seiko Sportura Kinetic Technology Line, Seiko Velatura Yachting Series. You can buy a Seiko watch here , here and at this link .

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Orient is a Japanese company that has been on the market for over sixty years and constantly introduces new innovative technologies. He is currently working on the development of a line of mechanical watches. Orient Series: Orient Classis Automatic, Orient Sporty Automatic, Orient Stylish and Smart innovative line, Orient Pocket Watch, Orient Diving Sport Automatic, luxury Orient Classic Design, Orient Sporty Quarts, eco-friendly the Orient Light Powered 4000 series is solar powered.

orient watch
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You can buy Orient watches on eBay , Amazon , Yahoo in catalogs on our website.

Casio is a company that has been using the latest technology for 60 years. The brand is known for its multifunctional analog and digital watches with quartz movements. Casio series: extreme Casio G-SHOCK, Casio ProTrek series for travelers with barometer and compass, Titanium Casio Lineage series, Casio Edifice sporty classic style, Casio Outgear line suitable for fishing and hunting enthusiasts, Casio Sport waterproof sports series, Casio Sea Pathfinder suitable for diving, impeccable classic Casio Beside. Buy Casio G-Shock is possible here , here , and directly from Japan .

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Citizen is a brand that produces affordable watches that still last for many years. Citizen series: Titanium and anti-allergy Citizen Titanium series, Citizen Eco-Drive solar series, Lady Citizen collection for women, Citizen Clarity luxury jewel line, Citizen Promaster sports line, Citizen Adec youth creative series, Citizen Elegance series for fashionistas. You can buy Citizen watches here and here .

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 Citizen watch
  • American and British budget stamps.

Timex is a budget American company that makes cheap but reliable watches. You can buy Timex here and here .

Uniform Wares is an English brand that is famous for its restraint in design, laconism and quality. Buy Uniform Wares on the official website , you can also buy a watch here and at the link .

Hamilton¬†is a nonsense that is often used in film.¬†No wonder they got the name “Hollywood Star Watch”.¬†You¬†can¬†buy a Hamilton watch¬†here¬†.

Garmin is an American brand that produces a sports watch line. This watch is capable of showing your heart rate data, at what speed you are moving. You can buy Garmin here .

How to choose a watch in an online store?

how to choose a watch
  • Clock size .

Watches need to be selected by diameter, since the size of the wrist is different for all people, but there are general rules for the selection of watches. All you need to take is a centimeter and measure the width of your wrist and the amount in millimeters, then multiply it by 0.618 and you will find out in what diameter you should buy a watch.

For example, you have a wrist width of 70 millimeters, multiply by 0.618:

70 * 0.618 = 43.26 cm, so you need a watch with a diameter of 43 cm.

  • Quartz or mechanical .

Mechanical watches are considered more prestigious, but more expensive than quartz ones. There are 2 types of mechanical watches: the first you will have to constantly wind up yourself; the latter do not need to be turned on, they themselves will turn on from your movements, but are suitable only for active people. Quartz watches are cheaper, but show the time more accurately. So the choice is yours – accuracy or prestige!

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