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Summer vacation watches The holiday season is just around the corner. And many are already thinking about finding a stylish wardrobe and accessories. Why not please yourself or your loved ones with an excellent watch that will look most appropriate in the summer. In the review I would like to acquaint you with the top models for recreation in hot weather. A distinctive feature of this collection will be the color of the chronographs – white. Diesel DZ1436 Diesel DZ1436 – for the bold and bright. Take a look at this unusual watch! Non-standard, right? The American brand has applied an interesting solution in the design of the dial, combining Arabic numerals with classical divisions of different sizes. The materials used in the manufacture are the most appropriate for protection against splashes of water (rubber flexible bracelet, plastic case, mineral glass). It is impossible not to note the snow-white color of the product, it will look perfect on tanned skin. They are so lightweight and comfortable that they will not cause discomfort. Armani Exchange AX1325 Armani Exchange AX1325 is an Italian-made product from a brand with a worldwide reputation. An equally attractive model with a high-quality quartz movement. The white polymer strap looks harmonious with the plastic case, which is covered with glossy mineral glass. The watch will come in handy on the beach and will be able to withstand water ingress. The dial is equipped with additional chronographs indicating the date and seconds. Stylish accessory for confident young people. Casio GA-110CR-7A Casio GA-110CR-7A is a practical men’s watch that will become an excellent companion for a modern man. They combine the essentials for an active summer vacation. Among the useful functions it is worth noting: stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar. You don’t have to worry about the quartz movement, the battery will last for several years of continuous operation. The design of the product is made using modern technology, which allows the watch to withstand vibration, shock and magnetic fields. The materials will also delight the owner. The durable rubber adjustable wrist strap is easy to clean and remains barely visible on your wrist. Water protection indicators indicate that you can safely swim and dive with scuba diving. Vacation watches Many people think that white accessories look ridiculous on the representatives of the strong half of humanity. However, there is no logical explanation … On the contrary, such products are gaining more and more popularity. The white chronograph will be a great gift for men of different ages and social status. We offer a large selection of premium men’s watches for different wallets. We are waiting for you for shopping!

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