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We study the new Diesel Under Construction watches, and at the same time recall the history of the brand, which revolutionized fashion.

Under Construction collection models: MS9 DZ1931, RASP DZ1933, MEGA CHIEF DZ4535, BOLTDOWN DZ7432

If the story of Diesel could fit into one sentence, it would sound like this: the main rule is not to follow any rules. “Only The Brave” is the brand’s motto, and this courage is the key to its success.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso fell in love with fashion while still a teenager. True, unlike his peers, Renzo wanted to wear things that no one else had. He sewed his first jeans on his mother’s sewing machine. The friends of the young tailor liked them so much that soon he sewed them too. “Jeans genius” – this is the nickname the mod received in the circle of his peers. As a result, it stuck with Renzo and follows him throughout his life.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso

The key moment was Renzo’s acquaintance with Adriano Goldschmid, another innovator who enjoyed breaking stereotypes. Diesel’s name is an irony associated with the fuel crisis that has swept Europe. Gasoline rose rapidly in price while diesel fuel became more and more popular. According to Rosso and Goldschmith’s calculations, the brand was to become an alternative in the fashion world, a breath of fresh air. And he became one, offering millions of people fundamentally new clothes for every day – bold, daring and sexy.

With a watch – a similar story. Diesel reinvented them as a genre. Models of the brand are created for those who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and want to see a fashionable accessory on their wrist. The new collection with the ironic name Under Construction, hinting that the work has not yet been completed, is one of those fashionable ones. The RASP, MS9, Mega Chief and Boltdown models stand out for their ultra-bright straps and dials . At first glance, it seems that this is a Sicilian orange, but no, the inspiration of the designers was completely different. This color is intended to remind us of the special symbols and clothing of road workers (and here we again return to the name Under Construction). The asphalt print on the straps supports the same idea, contrasting with the main shade.

The theme of the uniform is very close to the Diesel brand, because denim is in fact a uniform: the first jeans appeared among American movers. The once uncomplicated coarse clothing of the working class has evolved throughout the 20th century. Today, jeans are worn by Hollywood stars, top managers and prominent businessmen. Things have long ceased to be a marker of social status, turning into an expression of the individual “I”, a loud statement, and sometimes a manifesto. Diesel Under Construction is also a manifesto: freedom, creativity, charisma. This is a watch for those who have the courage not to hide behind things. For those who know the words “Only The Brave” firsthand.

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