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Search Articles Non-classic Diesel Diesel brand is famous for the variety of its products. And he tries to produce fashion accessories corresponding to different styles. Recently, watch models were presented that fit the capacious definition of “non-classic”.


DZ7423 (Mr. Daddy 2.0) – a mixture of silver and red with a splash of black. The first is larger (body, strap holders, grip handle). In the dial itself there is a small chaos from additional windows. Here is the traditional date (at 3 o’clock), and the main time (three hands and the same number of additional chronograph dials.), And three more “times”, and one of them (time 3) has the opposite arrangement of the numbers. In general, a lot of interesting and unusual moments. Case diameter – 57 mm, thickness – 14 mm. To make the watch even more visible, it was equipped with a bright red silicone strap with logos. It closes with a buckle with one prong. The water resistance is not very high (3 atmospheres), but splashes of water will not interfere with the operation of the quartz movement. DZ4512 (Mega Chief) have a slightly more familiar design. The color palette is still the same, but black is more represented. Case diameter – 51 mm, thickness – 15 mm. Waterproofing is 10 atm. – the chronometer is not afraid of immersion in water and even professional training. The case is made of stainless steel, the strap is made of silicone. The single-tooth buckle is reliable to use. There is a chronograph mechanism for measuring individual periods of time. The date can be clarified by looking at three o’clock in the stylized window between the logo and the indication of water resistance. There are many different numbers. All of them are encompassed by 12, under which there is an inscription translated as “only brave”. The offered hours are addressed, rather, to young people who love everything bright and unusual.You may get additional discount here .

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