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Rolex is one of the most recognizable, sought after and best-selling watches in the world. In Russia, Rolex is a sign of wealth and luxury. But where does such a high price come from?

Process of creation

Rolex watches have been making for almost a year. The assembly itself is fast enough, but each model is tested throughout the year: accuracy, synchronization, moisture protection – all this should work flawlessly. For example, fasteners open and close 1000 times.

Manual assembly

Naturally, all Rolex watches are hand-assembled. And for manual labor at a prestigious manufactory, watchmakers receive decent wages.

Full production cycle

All parts for watches are manufactured in-house. They have their own science laboratory; own foundry; gemological department.

The service life of the watch is over 20 years

Rolex is a watch for centuries. With adequate use, you can be sure that they will last more than a dozen years, and you can pass them on to your children as a trophy.


Rolex makes a strictly defined quantity of each model (no one knows how much). For rarer and more expensive specimens you will have to queue for many years, there are special waiting lists. Elitism = exclusivity.


Every inhabitant of a market economy understands that a good part of the cost of each product is marketing costs. In addition to all the standard expenses, Rolex is spent on sponsoring many sports, cultural and scientific events, and also doing charity work.


To wear the most famous watch in the world, you have to pay well – this is the law of life (and capitalism).

Many watch brands are inspired by the recognizable Rolex style. Not because they want to pass themselves off as a better known colleague. It’s just that Rolex’s design is time-tested – crisp, clean, and clean.

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