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In 2020, Orient celebrates its 70th anniversary. In honor of the round date, the company has released a number of models that are iconic for anyone interested in the history of the brand. 

Revival retro future camera

The models in this series were first introduced to the world 15 years ago, inspired by vintage rangefinder cameras.

The updated line inherits the original idea and successfully imitates the style of German cameras of the mid-50s: vintage color combinations; original back cover with open balance window, resembling a viewfinder; Leather NATO strap that mirrors the skin of retro cameras.


The lens diaphragm dial, film rewind crown, and aperture-style bezel are inherited from the original Orient Star Retro Future Camera.

Revival king diver

The Orient Revival King Diver is designed to change the way we think about diving watches – surprisingly, Orient diving watches looked very different half a century ago than they do today. The classic Orient diving model from the mid-60s – with reverence for which the novelty was created – combined sportiness with the versatility of a classic.

The massive bezel, by which we now recognize scuba diving watches, was absent, and in general, this watch could easily be paired with an office suit. The vintage features have been lovingly recreated in the Orient Revival King Diver, a limited edition of 1,700 pieces.

The Orient has retained most of the original design elements, including the characteristic triangular tip of the watch hand, the date at 6 o’clock, the engraving on the case back and two sockets (one for rotating the diver’s scale, the other for winding the spring). The watch mechanism is self-winding, but you can wind it manually. 

Orient Sports Diving Sports

Notable updates include a sporty diving-style watch, with a striking design that looks great both on the water and on land. Orient’s iconic Divers Sports collection has been replenished with a number of noteworthy novelties, including an interesting model with a Pepsi grant and a model with a NATO strap.

Also, especially for the 70th anniversary, Orient also released a limited edition model with a gradient gold dial Jaguar Focus (this was the name of another legendary Orient model, released in 1970).

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