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Watchmaker Gaspard Sartre has managed to raise its collection just in time for Christmas. Gaspard Sartre started in 2015 with simple 3-hand watches incorporating colorful NATO-straps. But it would not be long before it became clear that there was still much to come.


The basic models came – and of course still do – with four different types of cases: Stainless steel, gold, rose gold and black; each with matching hands and indexes with either a silver or black dial. Each model featuring central hands for hours, minutes and seconds.
According to personal tastes and wrist size, we can find Gaspard Sartre watches in two different sizes – with a diameter of 36 or 42 millimeters. But the true diversity is provided by the colorful NATO-straps. There are multiple versions for each watch, plus an additional black strap is delivered with each piece. In case a more moderate style is required at some point.

Since the first collection hit the market there have been many innovations. New NATO-straps have been introduced all the time, including a football edition this summer. Plus, luxurious leather bracelets – with a soft crocodile skin look – and watches with zircons on the dial instead of indexes.


And now comes the mesh bracelet watches – Fantastic! Again they come in stainless steel, gold, rose gold and black but also incorporate new dials. In addition to the existing ones in black and silver, Gaspard Sartre now offers watches with gold and rose gold spheres, matching the bracelets. Naturally, these watches are also available in two different sizes (36 and 42 millimeters in diameter) and come with an interchangeable black NATO strap.


While we like mesh bracelet watches, we are excited about the new multifunction watches. These pieces are only available with a diameter of 42 millimeters, but will fit most wrists for both men and women. Thanks to the large diameter, the spheres have a clean and highly legible appearance. In addition to hours, minutes and seconds, these multifunction watches also display the day, date and a 24-hour display at 6 o’clock. The latter can be set independently and therefore used as a second time zone. Something we like.
And the colors! In addition to the most common ones – silver and black dials with different colored boxes and bracelets – there are also green, blue and red watches. The latter two come with stainless steel or rose gold cases.
All multifunction watches have crocodile effect leather bracelets.
We would have loved for these watches to offer chronographic functions as well, although this would have meant a certain price hike. Maybe we can see it in the future.
All Gaspard Sartre watches are powered by quartz movements.


Both the mesh bracelet and the multifunction watches can be worn with the interchangeable NATO-straps. Anyone who has one or more of these watches in the appropriate size at home, can play to combine and exchange the straps. All NATO-straps can be purchased individually.

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